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"Give to the Skin what belongs to the Skin"  PIER AUGÉ

PIER AUGÉ products give your skin a true feeling of well-being. With the unique and exclusive concept the BASE DERGYL, which reproduces the skins formula providing it with all the elements that it is made of; proteins, lipids, water, vitamins and mineral salts, this is the beauty secret created by PIER AUGÉ for lovely soft radiant skin.

  Essential    Deluxe
Do you need a quick facial?    
Time Out Facial Treat [30-45mins] $50 $70
Is your skin dry?    
Rich Moisture Facial Treat [60-75mins] $85 $110
Is your skin oily?    
Purifying Refining Facial Treat [60-75mins] $85 $110
Is your skin dull?    
Radiant Revitalising Facial Treat [60-75mins]          $85 $110
Is your skin sun damaged?    
Cellular Revival Facial Treat [60-75mins] $85 $110
Is your skin mature?    
Elegant Age Facial Treat [60-75mins] $90 $120


With over 50 years of experience, PIER AUGÉ looks after your skin by selecting the best of active ingredients to create high-performing products which meet the needs of all skin types.

All products used are available at reception for purchase.


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