"Our bodies were aching from four days tramping and we just lay back in our tub and watched the sunset"


Comments from our visitors book ...

"Totally Rejeventating ... Yesterday weather wise was not a day for skiing, so we made the decison to make the trip over from Wanaka to experience the Hot Tubs in Omarama. It was everything other reviewers have written - beautifully landscaped grounds, clean facilities, and the hot tub was fantastic. As part of the deal we chose, we got a 30 minute massage with Jan which, coupled with the hot pool experience left us totally relaxed and floating on air! I would totally recommend this experience as a "must do" on your list when visiting Central Otago." Vic2ria

"Sheer bliss for body and soul ... While touring the South Island recently we tried to visit a hot pool whenever we got a chance. Hot Tubs Omarama came out on top: a marvellous very private tub and sauna with fresh water (no chemical smells here) and we could adjust the temperature ourselves; friendly, very helpful staff; and all this while gazing at the Southern Alps in the far distance. We liked it so much that we returned a few days later from Lake Tekapo to repeat the experience and it was just as excellent as the first time. It's a splendid way to while away a morning, afternoon or evening and you only have to bring yourselves as everything else is taken care of. Sheer bliss and good for all your aches and pains!"  - Lidy_and_Johan


"Absolutely fantastic ... This is in my top three things I've done since being in New Zealand, for eight months. An absolutely brilliant evening under the stars and a must if you are anywhere remotely near Omarama. I booked it for my partner and he loved it so much we went the next night too! Brilliant, friendly service and clean. It WILL be just what the doctor has ordered." Starryeyed83

"Most romantic place EVER ... I went there with my boyfriend and we are so not the romantic kind but ... this place was amazing! You have privacy with a beautifull view. We booked the Private Wellness Pod at night. One of our best souvenir's from NZ. We love spa's and we go everytime we can, this was absolutly the most relaxing, romantic and private place we went to." Marie-France L

“AWESOME/FANTASTIC ... Was back at the hot tubs again in December. Same fantastic experience, same fantastic hosts. This time we also had a sauna as well as the hot tub. Late in the evening we could see the fish jumping in the pond and the ducks settling in for the night, the stars in the sky and the outline of the mountains. If you like hot tubs and/or saunas Hot Tubs Omarama is the place to go without a doubt. Each tub is very private. Thanks again Jan & Lance.". - Jo P

"Fantastic! What a place ... Soaked in the tub from sunset till the first stars occured in the eastern skies. Views from the tub on surrounding mountains but also on the pond in the park are excellent. A bliss for both body and soul. Very friendly and helpful staff. Strongly recommend a visit!"  - sanny1974

“Best Hot Tubs ... No chemicals, wood fired, chilled water and glasses included, total privacy, awesome views of the hills, gliders and other aircraft activity (bright pink agricultural plane was working that day)." - sv3nn0  

  "Never been in a hot tub with such fantastic views until now ... What is a woman to do when her man is gliding? Simple, relax in a hot tub of crystal clear water looking at the fantastic scenery then enjoy a massage - one of the best I have had and I am quite experienced. Compared to the prices I am used to in England this was very good value for money. Would have loved to have repeated the experience when it was dark so i could stargaze." - Gemma

"Thanks so much ... for a wonderfully relaxing experience at the weekend. We had an absolute blast - just perfect for a girls weekend. The addition of the massage service is such an asset, we are telling everyone to go! A visit to your complex is now a firm annual event that maybe come twice yearly!! Your personal service and dedication make the experience so much more memorable". Kim Newman

"A Magical Experience ... We flew into Queenstown and then picked up a hire car and arrived at Omarama just before sunset. We relaxed in our hot tub next to the frozen lake as the sunset was cast across the snow covered mountains starting orange and finishing in crimson. The most amazing starlight show followed across the night sky. As we soaked in the heated glacier water, satellites flew across the night sky. The staff were friendly and very helpful and the whole place spotlessly clean. There are two hotels within under ten minutes walk from the Hot Tubs and so we finished our day's travel with the soak and then the next morning headed to Mt Cook." Pdex


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